This is the fastest Lamborghini on Earth

Noted supercar tuner Underground Racing just toppled their own record for going from a standstill to getting a mile down the road in a street car, by taking a not-slow-to-begin-with Lamborghini Gallardo and adding a friggin' huge turbo to it. And then another for added measure, because trying to push a car through the air at 250 miles per hour is kinda like picking a fight with a tornado.

But with all-wheel drive helping off the line traction and the aforementioned turbos boosting the car's horsepower rating to 1850, this street car managed to go from a stand still to a full mile down the road in just 20.8 seconds, while going smashing past the 250-mile-per-hour barrier in the process. Good luck explaining to the arresting officer that your throttle was stuck.