Vintage Race Car Posters: Timeless, Beautiful

The 1950s, '60s, and '70s were a golden age for race cars. They were innovative, and...just so timeless. And beautiful.

That's an opinion shared by Arthur Schening, a veteran graphic designer whose day job involves clients like the Red Cross and the US Department of Energy. His passion for vintage racers is officially spilling over...onto your walls, in the form of these beautiful prints. We've selected just a few of what he's got on offer. Take a look—your naked walls will thank you. 

Jaguar D-Type

Three Le Mans wins. Ecurie Ecosse. That awesome wing. There are those who consider this the definitive Jaguar instead of the E-Type.

Shelby Daytona Cobra

Problem: The Cobra, viciously fast as it was, had poor aerodynamics and thus didn't have the top speed to compete with Ferrari on faster circuits. Shelby literally hated Ferrari's guts.
Solution: The Daytona Coupe used cutting edge aerodynamic theories to reduce drag and top 200 mph. World championship over.

Chaparral 2D

A small outfit in the middle of West Texas that happened to have a few brilliant engineers at the helm took on the world with innovations like a fiberglass chassis, moveable wings, and a giant fan that literally sucked a car to the ground. The 2D that you see here was their entry into Le Mans; sadly, it didn't finish.

Lotus 49

The way the engine is mounted in this car revolutionized the way engineers think about a race car's chassis, but you know it as the car driven by multiple world champions like Jim Clark, Graham Hill, and Jochen Rindt.

Howmet TX

You should be familiar with the turbine powered Howmet. If you're not, read this, then come back and buy this print.

Renault Alpine A110

The ridiculously light, rear-engined French coupe is basically the epitome of the small but fun European car. It's also so fantastic on dirt that it dominated in the rally scene for over a decade.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He's trying to imagine what a Chapparal/Howmet collab would've been like. He can't wrap his head around such greatness.