"Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.”―Jack Kerouac, On the Road

Nothing but the finest VW buses and camper vans on eBay this week to make your summer road trip absolutely epic.


1961 23 Window Samba Bus

This is the holy grail of Volkswagen Buses. 23 windows is more than enough to let you see the traffic that's passing you with longing faces—and it still has 34 hp, so yeah, you'll probably get passed. This bus spent the first few decades of its life in Portland, before returning to Germany for a restoration totaling 1,000 man hours. It's undoubtedly one of the finest VW buses in existence. [See more]


1971 Bay Window Bus

Fresh off a restoration, this bus has a rear seat that unfolds into a full size bed, a ceiling made from bamboo, completely redone upholstery, and the wheels from an Audi. Take all of that and add in fresh paint and several clearcoats, and you've got yourself a winner. [See more]


1971 Vanagon Samba

It's hard to get much more legit than this. Everything VW collectors go for in a bus is here, starting with that absurd number of windows. The restoration was just finished by the top workshop in Brazil...where they kept making the original bus until the end of 2013. [See more]


1983 Westfalia Prerunner

You don't need anyone to tell you why this is cool. Drive it just about anywhere, camp out, and enjoy the refrigerator's contents. The paint is relatively fresh and only has a few hundred miles on it in the past few years. [See more]


1989 Westfalia GL

This is more than an extremely original and well-maintained Westfalia van. It's been in California for its entire 26 year existence, and still has everything from the original window sticker to the refrigerator's ice cube trays. [See more]


1986 Westfalia

Some vehicles are just destined to spend life on the road. This Westy's current owner originally bought it to drive from LA, across Baja to Cabo. He or she also opted for seats instead of a stove or fridge, so there's room to bring your friends, and they can't eat all your stuff. [See more]


1973 Vanagon

When you've got a high top camper and a fold down bed to go with an updated stereo, it's almost a shame the engine's brand new, since that just means less time camping on the side of the highway. [See more]

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He’s ready to hit the road.



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