Volvo Just One-Upped Rolls-Royce With Its New Lounge Console

What do you get when you cross an ottoman, a TV tray, and a butler? A really weird mental image, and The Volvo Lounge Console. It's a brilliant take on how to up the XC90's luxury without also upping the cost to Rolls-Royce levels.

All you have to do is sacrifice the front passenger seat...which is perfectly fine if you're going to be chauffeured around everywhere.

It might look like it's only an ottoman at first blush, but when you look a little further, it's so much more. It's a place to keep your watch(es) and your wallet.

Don't need your watch? Great, watch TV. There's a 17-inch screen you can fold out.

When you're not watching anything, it folds down into a tray. Put simply, it's the back half of a first-class seat on a really nice 787.

Unlike on a plane though, it's totally cool to take off your shoes. There's even a storage area just for them, so your chauffeur won't need to crack a window.