Serious parts to make cars corner

Breaking out of a comfort zone can yield great rewards -- in Roy Williams' case, actually catching a football! Breaking out automotively: Vorshlag Motorsports.From a Plano-raised Aggie and his equally enthused wife, Vorshlag specializes in performance suspension components, and first carved out a rep as folks-who-make-Bimmers-corner-well, but like when Davy Crockett started selling hats, they've recently expanded beyond their original mission. To help BMWs, Subarus, Mitsubishis, Hondas, Mustangs, and MINIs keep their wheels on the road while cornering, they're dealing in CNC-machined, alloy-steel, camber-caster plates; to reduce flex and transfer power more efficiently, they've engineered their own motor and transmission mounts; to keep cars level, they stock Eibach swaybars and Hypercoil springs; and for those who want sweet handling on both street and track, they deal in adjustable shocks & struts from the Dutch company AST -- so when racing Kobe Bryant's Ferrari F430, you can yell "Tell me how my AST taste!" Then there's the ultimate: penis in vagina they also sell a kit making it possible to drop the engine out of a Corvette and into a Bimmer, Detroit's proudest desecration of a German machine since Louis vs Schmeling. If you're adventurous and self-reliant, there's the Test Pilot Program, hooking you up with reduced cost on prototypes, plus additional tech support, with one catch: so you can provide detailed feedback on quality & craftsmanship, they'd prefer it if you did all the installs -- ideally resulting in your car going to 11, and not you walking for Miles.