Jon Olsson. Nice guy, probably. Heck of a good skier. Even better is his gloriously unhinged collection of all-wheel-drive supercars that he takes on adrenaline-filled excursions to winter wonderlands. This is his latest, a DTM race car-inspired Audi RS6 that, according to Jon, is putting out 1,000 hp if he uses race fuel. He recently unveiled it, then went straight to the nearest mountain pass to test it out...with a helicopter film crew giving chase, naturally. Check out the car below, but whatever you do, don't skip the video at the bottom.


Watch Jon Olsson's 1,000 Hp Audi Obliterate A Snowy Mountain Pass

You've gotta hand it to Jon—when he decides to have a project car built he goes all out. This project was headed up by the former chief engineer at Koenigsegg, and even then, this car gave him fits.

The carbon fiber body was made from scratch, using around 300 square feet of carbon fiber sheets built at the same place that makes Pagani's carbon. The hardest part was getting the sheets into a form that looked a lot like an actual DTM Audi...only in wagon form.

Pro tip: All those carbon fiber bits make for one badass snow plow.

The stock engine is a twin turbo V8, so the car was sent out for some custom-built turbos that are anodized with 18 karat gold to keep them from overheating. Obviously, a slew of other components also found their way onto the car to ensure everything can withstand the incredible stress that comes with 1,000 hp.

And of course, because this is Jon Olsson we're talking about, there's room for his skis.

Okay. Go on and watch the vid. Pretty sweet side gig he's got, huh?

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He would go skiing, if it meant getting to drive this car.