Watch This A-hole Throw A Rock At A Lamborghini

Fact: A Lamborghini will always attract attention.
Fact: That goes double for a black Aventador with yellow accents.
Fact: Even if a car is a $500 pile of junk, it is never okay to throw a rock at someone else's ride.

Somehow the guy in this video was so ticked he didn't care about fact number three.

So who's the bigger jerk here? Reasonable people may disagree. While there's no solid evidence in the video, it seems more than likely that the Lambo driver was engaging in some spirited driving that may or may not have crossed legal boundaries. The old man, however, cast the first stone. Literally.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's reasonably sure the Lambo driver was being a jerk, but that's certainly no excuse for the other guy's blatantly criminal behavior.