Watch This Manure Spreader Obliterate A Geo Metro

For whatever reason, watching things get shredded into pieces provides a sense of satisfaction. It could be an appreciation for precision engineering, like when you shred an entire block of cheese, or, maybe, watching a manure spreader—in this case the ridiculously powerful (200 hp!) Artex CB1200—shred the hell out of a Geo Metro.

This video? It kinda invokes both, and then some. Farmers sometimes need to spread, ahem, fertilizer pretty far, but this is a machine that would live up to Tim "The Toolman" Taylor's standards. Pretty much the only recognizable thing left of the car is the steering wheel, which looks oddly poetic as it flies through the air.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's suddenly extremely thankful he’s never had to fling manure this far.