Jeep Ads Are Weirder In France

Chances are, if you own a Jeep, it's probably because you're the kind of person who sees and does things your own way. You crave the freedom to drive your semi-tank-like vehicle over whatever you want, whenever you want. Essentially, It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand is the motto that runs your life. So to embrace the seemingly limitless versatility of the iconic SUV, creative ad agency Leo Burnett France developed these trippy reversal illustrations for the brand. Because why not?

Their slogan: “See whatever you want to see.”

Giraffe? Penguin? Yes.

Rock on, France. 

Ali Drucker is an editorial assistant for Supercompressor. Riding in cars without doors kinda scares her. Follow her to four-doored safety on Twitter @ali_drucker.