The New Z06 Has 650 hp, is Even Faster Than We Thought

We knew the next-generation Z06 would be fast, because, well, it's a goddamn Z06. What no one outside of General Motors knew was just how fast or how powerful it really is, until now. GM just dropped the Z06's hp and torque numbers, and at a nice and even 650 for both, it probably just set a Guinness World Record for Most Bang For Your Buck.

Even more impressive than the raw numbers, however, is the way in which the power is produced. There's more torque at idle than some supercars have anywhere. Better yet, the flatness of the curve is impressive because it means the throttle should be easier to control when you're coming out of corners. This car is definitely a beast, but just maybe it's a beast that can be tamed on the track. We can't wait to find out.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. His track car has about 500 lb-ft of torque...less than the Z06.