This Wooden Bicycle Is King Of The Concrete Jungle

We've all heard the old adage "simpler is better." And no one follows this ethos better than Italian designer Matteo Zugnoni. He's just designed the WooBi, a minimalist, wooden bicycle designed to be tough enough to handle the stresses of rough city commutes. 

Built with shock-absorbing wood and weather-resistant carbon fiber tensile cords, WooBi makes a comparable alternative to steel- and carbon-bodied bikes. Unlike its industrial counterparts, however, WooBi's organic construct eliminates the need for oily lubricants, or maintenance in general.

When the bike becomes available for purchase this summer, you'll be able to customize everything from the wood (walnut, rosewood, zebra wood, ash, larch, teak, maple, pear, wenge) to the color of your wheel rims, leather saddle, and grips (green, honey, black, brown, royal blue, ochre, red). Get your WooBi right here for a cool $7,700 and prepare to turn heads.

Michelle No is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor and it took all of her to not include a dirty pun in this piece. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.