You Can Now Live In This Yellow Submarine

If the immortal words of Mr. Ringo Starr mean anything to you, you've long been dreaming of the day you could climb aboard a yellow submarine, and cruise around every Octopus' Garden in the sea. 

Welcome to heaven, Beatles' fans, because your imagination has just become a canary-colored reality, thanks to Y.Co's Yellow Submarine.

Standing 8.5-feet high and 27.5-feet long, the Yellow Submarine can squeeze in up to five people (so it's absolutely perfect for Fab Four tribute bands), has a max speed of six knots, and the capability to reach depths of 160 meters. 

With full U.S. Coast Guard certification (meaning it's all good for U.S. waterways), the Y.Co yellow sub is just waiting for a buyer. There's no information currently available about its price, but you can enquire on Y.Co's website. Here's to living a life of ease!