Beer-Based Fuel Is Here, Everything Is Right With The World

For the past month, drivers in New Zealand have been running on something with a little more kick than your average tank of standard petrol—as they call it down there. Brewtroleum is a new biofuel made from blending ethanol—taken from leftover yeast after beer brewing—and regular petrol.

DB Breweries, the mad scientists behind the sudsy gas, claim that this is the first commercially available fuel made from a beer byproduct.  

Since the beer byproduct would typically be discarded, the sudsy fuel is a major coup for the brewer, DB Breweries, along with Earth-lovers everywhere. Not only is a major source of the brewery's waste product cut down, but the use of biofuels rather than normal gasoline decreases carbon emissions, which is good for everyone.

But the biggest winner? New Zealanders, who can now say they're doing their part to save the planet every time they down a pint. Someone NEEDS to get this to the USA, stat. 

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He did a little too much to save the planet last weekend. 

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