Two Hybrid Hummer Tanks Are Towing An Airstream To The South Pole

What's the most efficient and environmentally friendly way to get to the south pole? As it turns out, the answer is driving a Hummer. Specifically, two of them. At least, that's what the team at ZERO SOUTH believes, and they're pretty deep into the process of proving it. Of course, they're not exactly normal Hummers. 

For starters, ZERO SOUTH converted them into freaking tanks using a pair of Mattracks treads that'll help them go anywhere, and make them look absolutely badass. They've also swapped in a six-cylinder diesel so the journey can be made using biofuel, and added a ton of batteries that power electric motors for up to 32 miles of eerily silent fuel-free operation.

But note the airstream in the back.

Obviously you need someplace warm to sleep if you're going to the South Pole, so the Hummers will be towing an Airstream sled (it's not done yet) with plenty of extra insulation and a heater specially designed to not freeze over in the antarctic conditions.

They'll be filming the whole thing in beautiful 4k once they set off.

h/t: Green Car Reports