The CBS Comedy Monday

Monday gets a bad rap -- popular songs have described it as "Stormy", "Blue", "Manic", and even "A Day I Just Can't Bring Myself to Walk Like an Egyptian". Out to change Monday's reputation is CBS Comedy Monday. Kicking off the night with the most legendary Neil Patrick Harris show television has ever seen, How I Met Your Mother, Monday offers two solid hours of unrelenting ha-ha. So without any more ado whatsoever, here's the all-new night of CBS Monday Comedy, premiering September 21st: • How I Met Your Mother: (Monday 8/7c) This comedic heavyweight revolves around the relationship between an extremely likeable group of friends and their extremely likeable favorite bar (coffee shop? please), while diving deep into the mystery of which woman ultimately becomes the mother of a guy named Ted's kids.

Accidentally on Purpose: (Monday 8:30/7:30c) This new show explores possibilities for cohabitation after a tipsy night of unintended impregnation. • Two and a Half Men: (Monday 9/8c) Can Charlie Harper raise the bar for off-color innuendo while helping successfully raise a child? Well, define "successfully"... • The Big Bang Theory: (Monday 9:30/ 8:30c) A motley crew of... physicists desperately seeks to reenact the creation of the universe with the hot blonde next door. For a taste, check out the video above, powered by the aforementioned NPH -- an actor who redefined hilariously unapologetic manliness only after learning to Walk Like a Physician. Get a preview of the new season at