Two stories of custom bling in Midtown Village

Standing out at a formal affair can be difficult without exhibiting behavior that doesn't play at a formal affair -- like drunkenly knocking over a shrimp platter, or staying home. Distinguish yourself more subtly, with cufflinks from Henri David's Halloween

Legendary for his costume balling, HD also runs a hidden-in-plain-sight custom jewelry shop on Antique Row's western outcrop: sign-less and buzzer-accessed, the vaulted, two-story inside overwhelms with bling cascading through vintage frames and hieroglyphed obelisk cases like an infestation of handsome roaches. Lady stuff dominates, but amidst all that's a hundreds-strong cufflinks trove, ranging in price from $50 to "seriously?", including action like gold mitts encasing amethyst baseballs, sterling garter-belted gams, silver revolvers with spinning barrels, spinning globes, the Love Park statue, even a pair of gold buttons (for the man who replaces his above-ground pool with a gold above-ground pool). To further personalize your wrists, HD's expert jewelers offer fully bespoke services at no additional charge -- just give them something to work off, whether it's an object, a digital snapshot, or a doodle, if you're jumping on that "3-D Box Cufflink" craze

Other manful offerings include an array of distinct belt buckles and tie-clips, and a stunning collection of antique pocketwatches -- a look so pretentious, people'll yearn for the days when you'd announce yourself at a party by de-shrimping it.