Considering Philly's sandwich culture, it's fairly mind-boggling that the number of legit Jewish delis in the 215 roughly equals the number of Rosetta Stone volumes owned by Joey Vento. Filling that void with corned beef and more, Delicatessen

Just opened in the old Kibitz in the City spot as a 40-seat affair with retouched tin walls and tile flooring, Delicatessen's serving up kosher-specialty-infused breakfasts along with a mix of traditional Jew-wiches and a grip of pun-heavy "New School" sandos, on which they exhausted all their creativity, and then named the place itself. "Eggs and Friends" offerings include egg frittatas packed with your choice of three fillings, from grilled jalapenos & pastrami, to lox, to hot dogs; a unique take on a Monte Cristo that mixes eggs w/ toasted turkey & corned beef on challah French toast w/ syrup; and the Kentucky Brisket in a Basket Hot Brown w/ two sunny-side up eggs in a dugout challah "basket" topped w/ brisket & mornay sauce, although Rebecca prefers to rock hers in a challah cradle. Along with traditional reubens, etc, Delicatessen's whipping up bread-based adventures like the Oye Ve(Yeeee) Haaaaa (BBQ pastrami on rye w/ cole slaw & Russian); the corned beef & roasted turkey Jubano, topped w/ spicy brown mustard, pickles & American on pressed challah; and thick-cut Hebrew National salami on a poppy bagel topped w/ American, dill pickle relish & spicy mustard, called the Uncle Sam, which you want even more than it wants you

While there's no booze, pure cane sugar-syrup sodas flow from the fountain and most dishes're served w/ your choice of side, including cheese kugels, latkes, apple sauce, potato salad, and home fries -- which represent glorious freedom from the French to Joey.