When an actor stands out from an ensemble, they're given a spin-off where they can excel, e.g. Kelsey Grammer, from Cheers to Frasier, or Shelley Long, from Cheers to obscurity. For a burger that shined so bright it deserved its own vehicle, get to 500 Degrees.Born when the wildly successful burgers made by Rittenhouse Square's Rouge essentially called for their own joint, 500's a quick-service burger-slinger featuring a weathered industrial-looking interior with slate-painted walls, bright lighting, two communal tables with eight seats a piece, and a seven-stool dining counter with slat-bottomed wood perches, meaning patties and fatties alike will leave with griddle marks. A trio of shakes with a Bassett's base (vanilla, chocolate, B&W) are served cold and thick alongside fries available plain or coated in spice or truffle seasonings and packaged in a grease-proof bag, aka, a Hellenic profo. But the main event's the burger, 5.5oz. signature beef blend patties on a wild flour challah roll; cheeseburgers come topped with American, cheddar, Provolone or Swiss, the Classic With adds bacon, mushrooms, jalapenos or grilled red onions, and the 500's topped with cheddar, bacon and a special house sauce, which always gets the job done in the end, even if its unconventional methods enrage its superiors and Omar Epps.As crazy as it sounds, as the burgers are made to order, the chef's goal is to deliver every single meal within one minute's time, even faster than Shelley Long, but then again, she has to wait for customers to pull up to the window.