Center City Grille

If buddy-cop movies have taught us anything, it's that new partnerships will always produce zany results, as one member will always be significantly older than the other, or cleaner, or more adept at investigating, or Judge Reinhold. For another result of a new pairing, check out The Center City Grille

Just soft-opened by the fresh team of a seasoned Philly restaurateur and a longtime manager, CCG's housed in the former Blue Horseshoe, showcasing a black open ceiling with drop lighting, B&W hung cityscapes, and glass/diamondplate tables, at which they're serving lunch and dinner while labeling itself as "The Philadelphia lounge", presumably beating out competitors like The Franklin, Walnut Room, and the entire chaise department of Home Depot. Starters include sauteed little neck clams in a vermouth butter sauce with black beans and sausage, steamed crabmeat shumai, and buffalo wings, which're billed as less messy than traditional ones due to a "skyline" dry rub, although probably not for lefties, as they're right-hand-eat only. For mains, it's a hearty selection of hot and cold sandwiches aimed at the lunch crowd along with house specials like the grilled rosemary pork filet, seasoned tenderloin over rice or potatoes, chargrilled skewers (lean meat, fresh seafood, and veggies impaled and grilled), and a "shore" style Jersey flounder, although everyone knows Dorfman only got on the show because he was a legacy

Future plans include a weekend DJ and outdoor seating, and while custom cocktails're still being decided and taps have yet to be installed, the bar's stocked and a reliable selection of domestic and import bottles make for solid dinner-drink combos that no matter what anyone tells you, can't be improved by the addition of a bleached-blonde Joe Pesci.