Shank's Original Uptown

When it comes to local tradition, Philadelphians typically don't take kindly to change, as evidenced by the backlash that erupted when the Mummers were re-routed to Market St, and the riots that ensued when the Phillies won the World Series. Striking a respectful balance between modernization and heritage, Shank's Original Uptown.

After 48 years serving legendary breakfasts and sandwiches out of a South Philly luncheonette/local landmark, the surviving owner of Shank's & Evelyn's sold the biz to a local franchiser, who moved operations to a narrow Center City storefront, while still honoring Shank's legacy via a menu loaded with old favorites prepared on an open grill line helmed by the original owners' daughter and kitchen manager, all against a familiar backdrop: a wall jam-packed with framed, autographed photos of happily stuffed celebrity customers, from Bill Cosby, to Frank Sinatra, to Mark Wahlberg, and that's the joke. Sandwiches served on fresh hoagie rolls dominate, from the Original World Famous Chicken Cutlet, pan-fried and served Parmigiana or Italiano (broccoli rabe & sharp provolone), homemade meatball, and hot or sweet Italian sausage & peppers, to One-of-a-Kind Eggplant w/ greens & homemade red gravy, and slow-cooked hot roast pork, which you don't want to hear your mom order. Half-pound Angus burgers (topped w/ bacon or pizza sauce & mozzarella) share grill space with sirloin strips for cheesesteaks and balsamic chicken served w/ roasted peppers on a wheat bun, plus there're sliced-to-order hoagies like the Old School Italian and the grilled ham, salami, bologna, turkey, & cheese Uptown Shanker, which is how Billy Joel sings the song these days.

Again honoring the original, Shank's Uptown serves breakfast all day, from egg sandwiches w/ bacon, ham, peppers, potatoes, or homemade Italian sausage, to the behemoth Giambotti: a six-egg omelet packed with 12 meats & veggies and intended for "a party of four or a hungry party of two" -- but as you wouldn't want to upset Philly's rich fatness tradition, it's just about perfect for a hungry party of you.