Food & Drink

Jump into a pit... of barbeque

Shaking a bad rep often requires a grand gesture, like junk bond financier Michael Milken using his fortune to fund cancer research, or Colorado tourist Kobe Bryant using his fortune to fund not being in prison. Shaking its building's rep for the sake of your stomach, The Barbeque Pit. Abandoned for years, but previously home to a series of BBQ joints that fronted for notorious drug haunts, this century-old former Model-T garage opposite the Twilight Exit has been rehabbed by a former contractor/R&B guitarist turned meat saucer, who's art'd up its charmingly ramshackle interior w/ pics of figures from black musical history like Jimi Hendrix, and other people who probably didn't used to buy drugs there. The Pit's kitchen is fitted out w/ a massive refurbished brick smoker, where the owner roasts his dry-rubbed/marinated protein for up to 9 hours; until he gets his gas hooked up that meatiness is exclusively being turned into simple sandwiches starting w/ two kinds of pork -- an open-faced rib number, and a shredded sammie, which wouldn't feel that way if JWoww would just mind her business in the clubz. Rounding out the 'wiches are an extremely slow-cooked brisket, super-tender chicken, and hot links, all of which have been slathered in a secret sauce, whose secret, according to the owner, is that "it doesn't suck", the exact opposite secret of how Catholic girls TECHNICALLY stay virgins.The Pit's also got a couple sides (cole slaw, potato salad), but soon they'll offer a whole bunch more, plus a full soul food menu that'll include collard greens, red beans or black-eyed peas, as well as smoked neckbones-- fatty and rich, they're as decadent as buying a $4 million dollar eight carat purple diamond ring to say "sorry for allegedly sexually assaulting someone in Denver during our marriage and then being awesome at basketball".