Chicks with guns, on t-shirts

Certain things just belong on a man's shirt: his favorite sports team; the tour schedule of his friends' band; boogers. Adding "women" and "weapons" to that list: Villains and Vagabonds

Just launched by guys behind the fashion/spelling-forward brand Kontorsion, V&V's a tee line almost singularly focused on shirts featuring women brandishing firearms -- pleasing just about anyone, especially if "anyone" is named "Quentin Tarantino". Designs are surprisingly varied: "Renegade" features an all-over print of a life-like cartoon lady brandishing a rifle in prep for a stick-up, "Looter" is an anime chick with a headscarf and an AK straight outta a sexier Commando, and "Hot Cop" is exactly what you'd expect, unless you've exclusively been watching the network TV edit of Bad Lieutenant. Even the exceptions to the girls-with-guns rule are remarkably badass: "Shemagh Scarf" is a graphic of a Mexican-gangster-like bandanna on the chest, "Knuckle Stripes" is a v-neck with horizontal black stripes and a blown-out pic of brass knuckles, and "Bullet Catcher" features one monster round caught between two red lips... and the joke's on you.

All the shirts are printed on proprietary, locally-made blanks, spun from premium cotton to give them more texture and a heavier fit, providing you the one thing you don't need up top: more weight.