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Homebrewing's a lot like DJing: everyone has access to the equipment, but without proper experience, know-how, and talent, you're left drinking Sam Ronson. To sample a sweet selection of people with the gear and know-how to use it, hit Friday's BeerCamp

A three-hour, just-$10 beer swilling extravaganza featuring a dozen varieties from ten local homebrewers plus a sandwich spread curated by the Unbreaded dudes, Camp's inaugural event'll see the bloggers behind Two Guys On Beer and reps from Philly Beer Scene Magazine lead tastings of each brew (peppered w/ brewers' commentary about process/equipment) as attendees sip and score as well, culminating in one concoction snagging the Best of Camp title, and a likely trip to second base behind the art shed with Jenny Stewart. Among the suds is a Cherrywood Smoked Maple Porter from a Philly-by-way-of-S. Jersey brewer, a Dunkelweizen and Oaked Hoppy Amber Ale that're the 13th & 14th collaborations from two pals-since-elementary-school, and a Kolsch from another amateur, marking his first use of CO2 carbonation (instead of sugar) and dry extracts, also the subtitle of "Inspired Musings By Steven Wright". Other Camp selections include an Apricot Ale from an Audubon, NJ guy who's been churning out extract & partial mash ales for friends/family for four years, Spiced Bavarian Weisen and Pumpkin Wheat from two guys using a double-basin utility sink and 1940's stove in a South Philly basement, and a trio of offerings (Kona Hazelnut Imperial Brown Ale, Mint Chocolate Milk Stout, Black Cherry Vanilla Porter) from a duo going by Science Project Brewers, whose fourth-grade exhibit was a flop with the kids but a hit in the faculty lounge

In addition to the homebrews, there'll also be samplings from Stoudts, Sly Fox, and Flying Dog -- just because a lot of people have one, doesn't mean they know how to properly throw one.