Kilakitu Clothing

The Old West may be pure Americana, but that hasn't stopped other cultures from copping its steez, exemplified by the cowboys of Sergio Leone, and those of "Space". For duds by way of Kenya, check out Kilakitu.

Founded by a Vancouverite, Kila's "Kenyan Cowboy" shirts're styled after a classic 1970s Stetson job, but're crafted by Kenyan tailors using secondhand fabrics from Nairobi's bustling markets, then modeled by Kenyans, leading to the site's FAQ "I see African models wearing the shirts, are they just for Africans?"...hopefully that was actually just an AQ. While all shirts have the same cut -- a base fabric spiffed up by a second pattern featured on 1) dual chest pockets, 2) both shoulders, and 3) cuffs, plus pearlized snap buttons -- the range of found fabrics ensures crazy diversity, evident in eye-catchers like the floral lasso-patterned Nyati w/ its dark black accent; the deep-hued blue/red flannel Bata Mzinga, rocking safari-esque khaki patches; and the cream and purple polka-dotted Nyoka, which is Swahili for snake, but demands you call it Plissken. Each shirt's a wholly unique creation and usually made in one size only, but Kila's ensuring stock by promising a new batch of swaddlings every Monday, keeping hope alive for a killer pattern that fits you, as there's no Swahili word for "obese", but there is for "American".

If do-gooding's your thing, you'll find additional comfort in the knowledge that not only does the company provide employment for Kenyans, but also directs a portion of all proceeds to a charity program feeding local students -- if only Space showed the same magnanimousness, they'd be feasting on crunchy ice cream and delicious Tang.