Cheap Gear Rundown

Trendy Gear:Howe:Today and tomorrow at J Flynn Gallery: 2950 A Randolph Ave, Costa Mesa This upscale-casual designer's clearing out all their "Cowboy punk meets English country gentleman" duds (outerwear to pants) at 50-80% off, so if someone appraises your gear and asks "Howe?" you can answer "with some money I found in my pants pocket". Click here to see the car on fire on their flier

Footie Gear:Sportie LA Parking Lot Sale:Today-Sun at 7753 Melrose, Mid-Wilshire; 323.651.1553 Up to 75% off kicks from Nike, Reebok, Puma, Adidas and Converse, leading you to wonder once again whether Chuck Taylor is a real person, or just a lovely hi-topped fantasy man. Find out about their raffle on the flier

Bespoke Gear:Alandales:Today through Thanksgiving at 9715 Washington Blvd, Culver City; 310.838.5100 Handmade suits, coats, blazers, and ties are all half-off from this Dr. Phil-endorsed tailor, who calls his work the "400 Minute Suit" -- though girding Dr. Phil actually takes more like 867 minutes. Get dapper at

Surfer Gear:Hurley Holiday Warehouse Sale:Today and tomorrow at 17570 Brookhurst, Fountain Valley The reputation-matic surfwear company's offering print-heavy boardshorts and zip-up hoodies at 25-75% off. Surf's always up at

Denimy Gear: Miss Me/Mek Denim/Rock Revival Jeans Sample Warehouse Sale:Sat and Sun at 4715 S Alameda St, Downtown Up to 70% off jeans from three local companies, each known for something different: Rock Revival (detailed back pockets), Mek Denim (hand stitched side seams), and Miss Me (being for girls)

Dressing-up Gear:Academy Award Clothes Store Closing SaleThrough mid-December at 821 Los Angeles St, Downtown; 213.622.9125 This 14,000 sq foot superstore's closing, so suits, sports coats, shirts, ties and tuxes from Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Jack Victor are up to 70% off, making you 70% more likely to convince someone you were invited to the Oscars

Boutiquey Gear:South Willard: Through Mid December at 8038 W 3rd, Mid-Wilshire; 323.653.6513 40% off button-up shirts, slacks, and shoes from Raf Simons, Dries Van Noten, and APC; because they're so into being different, offerings from Band of Outsiders are marked down 30%. Go down south at

Boutiquey Gear #2: Scout:Through Thanksgiving weekend at 7920 W Third, Mid-Wilshire; 323.658.8684 Take 20-60% off "pretty much everything" from Wayne Headley, Lova, and Endovanera -- a brand that claims inspiration from both 17th Century England and 21st Century Japan (so you'll be looking good, Elizabeth-san). Get your fashion merit badge at

Summery Gear:Parke & Ronen:Til it's gone at 8012 ½ Melrose, Mid-Wilshire; 323.852.1635 Take 50% off last year's Medium sneakers, and the same off P&R's line of swimsuits, which come in four descending lengths: 8", 4", "Snap Shorts" ("Is that his junk?"), and "Bikini" ("It certainly is"). See some balls pokin' through shorts at