Sales Rundown

Designer Gear: Context Knock up to 50% off short- and long-sleeve buttondowns from Band of Outsiders, Nom de Guerre, and What Comes Around Goes Around, tees from Rogues Gallery, jackets from Parajumpers, selvedge denim from Nudie, and short-sleeve hoodies and tank tops from B.Son -- also how your dad distinguished you from that damn bro who got into not-online college. Discount runs through Saturday, get at 'em at

Under Gear: Björn Borg Offering the finest undergarments made by a Scandinavian former tennis superstar, BB's taking 30% off all their unabashedly comfortable/colorful briefs, trunks, boxers, and "short shorts", which will Nair look good on you. Use code "thrill" until Aug. 2 to get your pick of totally Swede, cheap underwear at

Mewelry: Miansai Edgy mewelry-maker Miansai's offering 30% off their entire stock, like bullet cufflinks, a leather wristband with gold mini army tank, silver wolf pendants, and a collection of narcotic-inspired necklaces: gold & silver razor blades, vials, pill-holding mini-grenades, and roach clips, for dulling the pain of the fact that you're wearing jewelry. Mewelry's never been so violently awesome -- use code "thrillist" until Aug. 1 to get the goods for cheap(er) at

Stay Fresh: Every Man Jack Hack 25% off EMJ's extensive selection of man-primping essentials: body washes, scrubs, bars, shampoos/conditioners, shave creams, and face lotions. They've also got travel-sized packs and a few specialty kits with stuff pre-packaged together, like "Shave", "Body", "Skin", or "Starter", perfect for the inexperienced showerer. No one's forcing you to use a loofah, but there are some serious deals to be had by using code "Thrillist09" at

Wrist Bling: FLUD Watches Shave 30% off the streety watch wizards' collection of lovably ostentatious timepieces, from the b-ball-repping Timeout, to the ghettoblaster Boombox, to the square-faced turntable-modeled creation entitled "Tableturns", which FLUD says "redefines 'keeping it real'", because nothing says "real" like a tiny fake turntable. You'll never be on time, but who cares when you've got a cool watch? Just use code "THRILLIST" at

Graphic Gear: Design By Humans Hundreds of graphic tees're up to 50% off, including an angry, bright-pink T-Rex entitled "Dino Frenzy", one featuring a unicorn vs. giant squid spacefight called "Masters of the Universe", and "Magic Snake", a coiled snake hissing "Kazaam!" -- so someone liked it, Shaq! Buy shirts that will make you pretty at

Rocker Gear: English Laundry Snag 25% off refined rocker gear: short- and long-sleeve buttondowns, tees, jackets & blazers, vests, denim in a variety of washes/cuts, plus long-ish shorts in plaids and stripes. There's even a Scott Weiland-inspired collection of more-embellished items, including a line of skull & crossbone-detailed ties that's 20 deep, one for each time he's legally died. Get dudded for cheap until Aug. 31 using code "thrill25" at

Rep Yourself: Homage Tees Throwback t-shirt pros Homage're offering 30% off their entire stock of vintage-inspired sports-/culture-repping tees, including new stuff like the crimson "Harvard Beats Yale 29-29", a bright orange number where Cleveland makes up the entire US on a map, "Jewish Community Center League", with the champs' names and numbers on the back, and "Moses Will Lead Us", with the O filled with the face of the Sixers' Mr. Malone, who did memorable work for his team during water breaks. Get the finest Pistol Pete shirt ever produced, plus countless more, using code "thrillist" at

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