Super Bowl Snacking

To help your party not suck, we hit up three local chefs for sweet snack recipes, none of which require much time or any non-Safeway ingredients to execute. You'll be hard-pressed to find a guest who doesn't prefer these delectables to your usual bowl of peanuts, unless you invited that stupid elephant again.

Beer-Braised BBQ RibsJonnatan Leiva is exec chef at Jack Falstaff These tangy meat-bones require several oranges, your BBQ sauce of choice, and two beers, one of which you're actually directed to drink. However, under no circumstances are you permitted to squeeze yourself a refreshing glass of orange juice. Check the recipe

Mississippi Dirty DogsRyan Farr runs Ivy Elegance and the C.H.E.F.S. Program They say being a die-hard football fan takes heart; nosh on these cheese-stuffed, bacon-wrapped hot dogs and prove them all wrong. Check the recipe

Zaré's Super Bowl Meat BallsHoss Zaré is exec chef at Zare at Fly Trap SBMB are the dumbed down version of the Fly Trap's famed giant meatballs: you'll be using marinara instead of a pomegranate-honey glaze, which would have required even meatier balls to be caught serving. Check the recipe