MKS Knives

Some partnerships feel so predestined, it's shocking how long they took to come together, like DeNiro and Pacino finally sharing a scene, and ditto for Julie Andrews and middle-aged nudity. Now another predestined duo's arrived: knives and bicycles, courtesy of MKS Knives

From an MIT-educated steel furniture designer who in 2003 decided to go the way of the blade, MKS handcrafts serious kitchen knives finished off with perfectly balanced handles originally manufactured for bikes; the goods were only just dropped in the Big Apple, which they'll mercilessly chop up and bake into a cobbler. Precisely tuned for weight and control, each blade is made from one of four steel alloys chosen to suit its unique purpose, all tempered to be softer (i.e., less delicate) than their German/Japanese counterparts; the welded-on, shock-absorbing handles come in two basic types, red/green/blue injection-molded stainless steel numbers that are naturally bacteria resistant, or an uber-grippy, BMX-style rubber job for people too hardcore to fear salmonella. The cutlery lineup includes a range of chef's knives, including a 10" job with weight distributed for a centered balance point, resulting in "remarkably quick and deft" action; an 8" wide-spine boning blade "aggressively tapered" to dispatch bone and connective tissue with ease; the 8oz Mezzaluna, with a rounded blade for chopping "herbs or anything else one might throw in a bowl"; and a Deep Paring piece perfect for eviscerating garlic and de-veining shrimp, essential for avoiding the culinary faux pas of Poopcorn Shrimp

For a more personal rig, MKS'll hand make a knife to your exact specifications, including type of steel, handle, hardness, edge shape/angle, and body profile -- get a pair that are generously rounded and surprisingly supple, and you know your cutlery be Poppin'!