New Gotham

Though widely renowned for standup, the old Gotham Comedy Club wasn't built for sketch comedy, as the tiny stage couldn't handle anything more ambitious than three people gently spooning. But now that they've got fresh digs, Gotham's bringing back regular sketch comedy for the first time in years. Moved into a 1929 building next to the Chelsea Hotel, the new Gotham's got a larger stage, plus two-and-a-half times more seats to accommodate a comedy troupe's extensive circle of friends. It's also equipped with a spacious downstairs lounge -- a perfect place for said friends to hide their vicarious shame if the troupe blows. Serving as guinea pigs for the inaugural sketch night are comedy groups Harvard Sailing Team, Lolabrigada, and Monkeys in the Atrium -- whose skit "CSI: David Caruso" provides compelling insight into the repugnant crime that is David Caruso. Each troupe will perform for 40 minutes -- the exact amount of time it takes to convert cocktails into pee. Of course a bigger Gotham loses some intimacy, but it's necessary to accommodate these merry bands of fools as they mine hilarity from everyday life: marriage, the workplace, and humiliating airport cavity searches. Even if you prefer standup, check out the new spot -- sitting further back'll keep you from getting drenched by Louie Anderson's panic sweat as he realizes even this stage is too small for his act.