Akin sneaker boutique in Chicago

Grouping stuff into categories can make things clearer: without the hanging beaded partition Backdoor Beauties would be next to Backdraft, and it's not even about firefighters! Helping you keep your streetwear straight, Akin.Freshly opened in University Village, Akin's an airy corner boutique with floor-to-ceiling windows and a black-and-red color scheme bisected into two basic sections, one primarily focused on big-name kick brands and the other rocking streetwear that comes in a slightly more eclectic blend, like a fresh roasted cup of Kona Snickerdoodle Delight. The big ticket in the sneakerhead department is an expansive and well-curated Nike Sportswear collection dotted with hard-to-find variations on makes like Air Max 95's and Air Force Ones, with complementary roles for Adidas, Puma, and Converse, which brings a wide selection of All-Stars (according to the Smashmouth statute, you must then game on). Lesser-known streetwear action is drawn from far-flung locations (Cali-based IM KING, Vancouver's Wrong Wroks, and Japan's KIKS TYO) as well as local tees from Akin's signature house line and a new player called Potential Villain, a term that came up in several of your parent-teacher conferences.Since the shoe game owes so much to MJ, Akin's line has a tee in which His Airness makes an appearance in a black and white image of him flanked by Pippen and Rodman, who long ago gave up grouping his clothing by gender.

A tee shirt at Akin sneaker boutique in Chicago