Alley Collection

They say the couple that produces finely crafted chic-yet-classy urban workwear named for one of their pets together, stays together. Or at least they would say that, if they ever found the Alley Collection

Just dropped at Connect from a couple whose first sparks flew in the spitballing days of middle school, AC is their collab on a line of slick shirts, slacks, and outerwear named, but mercifully not designed, for their Rottweiler. In the fitted shirt department there's the Eoin, French cuffed and avail in blue or white with black gingham contrast undercuffs, and the Mikey, the "part bike messenger/part businessman" option that adds contrast pocket trim and an internal black cotton sleeve with a thumbhole, a perfect escape route should an aggressive adversary count to four, and declare war. As far as stuff to wear over said shirts, there's the Arthur, a military-style blazeresque number made from rugged canvas that comes in charcoal/black or black/olive, and the Jeffrey peacoat, with heavy canvas, contrasting Bull denim interior, and Italian buttons, which have been known to rant about Baggio's missed World Cup PK when pushed

Because society still frowns on pantslessness, there's the Hunter, straight-legged and made from gingham-lined raw Duck canvas, because you know what they say: The guy in the canvas pants gets the girl. And the Rottweiler. Plus, canvas pants.

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