Sometimes the tiniest dash of steez is all it takes to complete the look; after all, sure Adabisi's resume is impressive, but he'd never of gotten the job in the canteen without his striking little hat. For shirts w/ similar spice, check out Artless

An in-house brand available only at Connect, Artless starts w/ Indian-grown, certified organic cotton shirts (assembled in a factory powered entirely by solar and wind energy) and kicks them up w/ hand-stitched pockets salvaged and applied by a local tailor, the sartorial equivalent of a grave robber. Textiles hail from a wide array of sources ranging from solid-colored Ralph Lauren pocket tees to Oscar de la Renta suits, and because they're reclaimed, each pocket is one-of-a-kind, just as you thought you were, until you went to summer camp and discovered a secret twin, spawning a series of madcap misadventures. If you prefer a touch more class, they've also got black and white, similarly spruced polos and plan to unveil v-necks in the next few weeks, just to please Big Chest Hair

On the off chance you have old duds that could use some evolving, Artless will do custom work for you, something that coordinates perfectly w/ the tiny chapeau glued to the corner of your head.