When you start up a t-shirt company with dreams of sticking it to the man, there's also a tacit hope that you'll one day become rich enough to be that man yourself, and able to use that money to stick it to anyone who doubted your man-sticking abilities. Still in sticking phase one, Assault.Forged in Chi from a couple of guys who'd tired of the daily grind and longed to run their own show, Assault's a line of in-your-face, often political, 100% cotton tees with that damn-the-man, rock & roll sensibility you first learned about by watching Empire Records. Action from their latest drop includes the explosive, smoke-shrouded "SS Amnesia" (a commentary on leaders tending to forget the lessons of history), "Razor Metal", which blends scrap metal imagery and typography in a collage intended to evoke how lame Daughtry is, and a series of wavy Hubble telescope image captures called Retro Galaxy, which is far, far away and has totally sweet vintage Ray Bans. Further tee goodness comes from "Death Star", which features a cartoon star adorably dressed up like the grim reaper, the Big Brother depicting Orwellian techno collage "1984", and a ferocious lion tearing its way through a pile of sheep based on a Jimmy Page quote about rather living one year as said lion than a thousand as a sheep, a stance Rod Marinelli completely disagrees with.For accessorizing purposes they've done a series of their own branded guitar picks, and they also offer $10 aviator sunglasses, because no one ever doubted Maverick's man-sticking abilities, on so many levels.