Cars are like buffalo: every part can be re-purposed, from the radiator (used in moonshine distillation) to the tires (field turf) to the seats (seats). Turning autos into illumination, aut0matik.

Aut0's run by a former woodworker who, after being inspired during a drunken pool game by Twisted Spoke's wall of gears, started scouring out old transmission parts and soldering/torching them into lamps. Bending-neck pieces include the menacingly lurching "Venus Flytrap", the hole-riddled/disco-lightshow producing "Desktop Arm", the "diminutive" "Flower" (whose bulb emerges post-industrial preciously from a flat notched gear piece), and "Dual Arm": a cylindrical base w/ three-way switch, from which emerge two snaking stalks, one for ambient light, the other for reading...your Al Roker-edition TV Guide. Other standouts include the overhead-hanging, reclaimed gear-parts "Pendant", the sturdy, chalice-like "Torch", whose metal shade casts "interesting squiggly line patterns", and the squat, even more chalice-like "Chalice" (if the Cadillac had a pimp cup...).

Aut0 also crafts various parts into non-electric candle holders, bookends, even heavy, felt-bottomed coasters -- for resting the beers that'll insure your parts will never be re-purposed into anything.