Authentic Brasil

Choosing a random standby cocktail isn't the best way to liven up your imbibing -- how many Old Fashioneds can you order at a still-young 28, and how many gimlets can you sip before your cheeks become as puckered as those of a very old fish? Instead of changing your drink, change your alcohol, to Cabana Cachaça.Produced outside of Sao Paulo from the world's finest sugarcane, Cabana's an elevated take on Brasil's national booze: double pot distilled in small batches, then aged up to six months in Jequitiba wood barrels, it's a far smoother cachaça than most, making it perfectly suited not just for Caipirinhas, but also for all your go-to adult beverages. If you're totally rummed out, sub in Cabana for Cuba in your next Libre, or mix into a mojito; more unexpectedly, add it to triple sec and lime juice for a Brasilian Margarita, or pair it with vermouth for a martini -- letting you answer "gin or vodka?" with a very Reader Survey-like "none of the above". Of course, you can get creative too, i.e., the pineapple juice, passion fruit puree, and club soda Brasilian Wax -- one of the official drinks of New York Fashion Week, but you can tip one back to celebrate your own new fall line, "What winks and makes love like a tiger?"Click here for a list of bars and restos that carry Cabana; you'll also find more seductive branding along the lines of the images you're probably staring at right now, and'll continue staring at until your eyes become as puckered as a very dirty old man's.40% ALC/VOL. BRASILIAN RUM DISTILLED FROM SUGARCANE. CABANA CACHAÇA LP ©2008 ABB PARTNERS LLC, NEW YORK, NY