Be A Doll

People always say how much you look like your dad, but you know what looks even MORE like your dad? An action figure ... of your dad! Bringing real people to figurine form, Be A Doll

Started by a Chicago area woman who launched her business after a YouTube video of a doll she made for a friend prompted additional orders, BAD crafts eerily realistic dolls (which you'll assure your friends are action figures) modeled after yourself, your loved ones, or your sworn enemies, because building an effigy yourself is SO time consuming!

To get the process rolling she needs a quality hi-res, up-close pic of your grill from the front and a profile (a video pan of said grill will also suffice) from which she will painstakingly sculpt a detailed head to be perched upon a slim 11" vinyl body, leaving you with Ken's rock hard physique, and rock soft neuteredness.

Once your bod is set, she'll accessorize you in any manner you see fit -- most people pick stuff they'd normally wear but if you want tights and a cape, so be it -- and ship the mini-you (or whoever) off; the process takes 2-3 weeks, but if there's heavy traffic in front of you the wait may be longer, so it looks like Your Buddy and you will be getting a little more quality time.

If you're in more of an instant gratification mood, there are a couple of celebrity dolls available for immediate purchase, including noted Brazillian actress Danielle Perez (obvi) and recently deceased (did you hear?) King of Pop Michael Jackson, who, when rendered in doll form, also looks like your dad, assuming your dad looks exactly like Diana Ross.