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Sheffield's gets a craft beer classroom

Everyone brags about having spent their college years "majoring in beer", yet most people don't know any more about suds than they do the Peloponnesian War. Get the education you say you already received, at The Beer School Bar

BSB's a cozy standalone bar inside Sheffield's decked out with 75 shelved tap handles and 300 classic cans, run by local brew luminaries "The Beer Dudes" -- men whose goal's to "open your beer-izons" by making education fun, and inventing words like beer-izons. The duff-y duo's on hand to learn you on your selection, and open your eyes to other brews from their stock of 30 seasonal bottles (New Holland's Dragon's Milk, Two Brothers' Cane & Ebel, etc), six rotating taps (Three Floyd's Gumball Wheat, ultra-rare Sprecher's Piper's Scotch Ale, procured only after bartering with the brewmaster), and 15-20 rotating specialty bottles like Dark Horse's Plead The 5th and Lagunitas' Hairy Eyeball (two-fist for Arabian Goggles). The illumination continues with a not-health food menu (deep-fried cheese curds, honey butter pretzels, 1/2lb optioned-up Angus burger, etc) loaded with items designed to pair with your beer to satisfy your palate and decimate your body

BSB'll soon'll offer formal classes/tastings, and guest-hosted nights where local breweries give away their latest. For now, further your learning with "Flight School": three beers at a time served on a wooden board, with a bump up to four once you've done your homework. Three beers it is!