The Internet is great for acquiring knowledge about the world, but what if you want to acquire knowledge about sudsy ways to lose that knowledge, then your cell phone, then your dignity? Take the Internet over to BeerMenus.

Freshly launched in Chi, BM is the brainchild of two brothers in NYC whose love for all things beer drove them to create a ridiculously comprehensive index of more than 1,100 brews cross-referenced with the various fine establishments that carry them and at what cost (expressed in dollars, not lost cell phones). They offer numerous ways to attack your beer needs, bars are grouped by neighborhood, or you can search for a specific spot then view the full scope of their offerings as organized by type (cask/tap/bottle/can), price, and, if you're down with it, ABV (yeah you know me!). If it's a specific brew you're curious about, they have a GMap'd index of its availability along with a size and price range and a quick write-up on the brew's production and character, which in the case of Founders Dirty Bastard, could be slightly more laudatory.

Because the beer landscape is ever evolving, they're constantly providing updates on bars and brews while also highlighting the site's most popular hops and haunts as well as upcoming beer-centric events, pretty much the only way to meet ladies who dig beer, now that you don't have a phone. Or dignity.