Benjamin Heckendorn

Messing with technology can yield crazy results: one minute you're just some dude with a bra on his head in front of a computer and the next Kelly LeBrock is making it snow in the dude from Big Love's bedroom. Spawning weird only slightly less sexy creations of his own, Benjamin Heckendorn.From a former Wisco graphic artist who found his true calling after hacking an old Atari system into a portable console, BH makes mind-blowing custom modifications to popular video game systems, both modern and retro, yielding slick results that look like something sent from the future, where modified gaming systems have overthrown the humans, yet have trouble dating because they're always playing each other. New models he's recently cranked out include several variations of XBox 360s taken apart and reconfigured into on-the-go laptops that resemble the aftermath of a torrid Xbox-MacBook affair; he's also given similar portability to systems ranging from old-schoolers like Coleco and Commodore 64 to more current action like an easily movable Wii, which has never been an issue with you, since you don't mind Wiing in public. He's also been known to give the custom treatment to video game controllers for reasons varying from gamers needs, to overcoming physical limitations, to folks with an insatiable need to multitask: he once attached an Xbox controller to the handlebar of a rowing machine, although he shouldn't have, seeing how you were erging your face off! Despite all he's accomplished he's still focused on finishing a pet project of his own: A built-from-scratch pinball machine themed around none other than iconic film and television star Bill Paxton, which hopefully won't turn into a huge pile of steaming turd every time you make fun of Ian Mitchell-Smith.