Best of the Best

The Olympics have nothing on this gold medal action from all over Thrillist Nation, except maybe Bob Costas.

Emailed to Nation:F U Cat A digital diatribe cribbing the style of turtle/alpaca/etc-hating F U Penguin, but laser focusing on the soulless feline, F U Cat's from a writer who admits "People always tell me I'm crazy for constantly talking about how cats are planning to take over the world", who's produced a collection of photos and videos depicting them in their natural, smug/violent/obese element, paired with hilarious biting commentary, and that's not even a cat pun. Until right now. Get the lowdown on the whole feline frenzy

Emailed to Atlanta: Fuzzy Ink Designed and hand-printed in an "underground lair" in NC, Fuzzy's a mustache-worshipping assemblage of hoodies, polos, plush mini-mustache toys, and tees like "Stubble Trouble", featuring a dude with a horseshoe-shaped stache taking a sucker punch to the chin. They have quite a 'stache, see for yourself

Emailed to New York: Dads In Short Shorts From an NYU-schooled roommate duo inspired by a shot of filial booty shortin' in one of their family photo albums, DISS is a fresh blog celebrating that certain ratio of shorts length to age that's "embarrassing to young children, sexy to moms, and generally offensive to business owners and the public at large". Who wears short shorts? Dads. Here.

Emailed to Boston: Massachusetts Mad Men Check out former New Kid Joey McIntyre as he staahs as Rogah in this Masshole spoof of AMC's generally beloved show, and essentially see what would happen if the Quincy High Ad Club finally bagged an account. Fan of the show or not, still funny

Emailed to Dallas: Man Soap A stay-at-home Fort Worth mom has unleashed a line of homemade he-soaps like the black tea-scented Revolver, the coconut /lemongrass-laced Skull and Crossbones, and Golf Balls. What kind of skin do those wash? Fore! Work yourself into a lather, man-style