Best of the Best

Trick or treat, read this meat, give me something from across the Thrillist Network of Amazingness

Emailed to Nation:Book of Odds A brand new but years-in-the-making reference repository, Odds is an encyclopedia-like database of hyperspecific and often strange probabilities, covering everything from suffocating in a cave in Oklahoma, to having a bad dream come true, determined by calculating info about you/anyone else using a proprietary algorithm built from an ever-expanding set of data collected by university researchers, who refuse to calculate the chances of them not being tremendous nerds. The odds of you reading more here are strong

Emailed to Boston: Gitman Vintage Reaching way back into history (to the Fall of 1980) for inspiration, these button-down shirt specialists are continuing to relive that decade with a Fall/Winter collection of plaids, tartans, flannels, and offbeat tattersalls all based on the lines, materials, and retro details from shirts they first produced the year Reagan pummeled Carter and people recorded songs by putting a tape recorder next to the radio and waiting for the DJ to shut the hell up! Seriously, "Maneater" is starting. We have seen your future, and it's retro

Emailed to Seattle: Asleep at Starbucks Left for dead a few months back, this suddenly resuscitated photo blog chronicles Starbucks' alarming numbers of under-caffeinated dozers, from a college-aged girl casually napping in Boston, to a middle-aged fat man in Corpus Christi, TX, to a face-down lady in the Philippines, a nation that apparently no longer sends America its tired. Wake up and look at all the sleeping people

Emailed to New York: Paste Tees The Bklyn graphic tee jokesters continue to roll out new hand-printed designs, with highlights including a giant squirrel standing atop the Empire State being circled by pigeons, a top-hatted gentleman looking at a woman's protruding bodice and saying "Damn, Girl", and a portrait of Honest Abe rocking a scabbard/eye patch/parrot, suggesting he too likes booty. You lack adequate Abe Lincoln shirts, so take care of it

Emailed to Washington DC: Nom De Guerre Just dropped, this artist collective-style clothier's Fall/Winter "Collection 9" consists of skillfully designed heavy outerwear, sweaters, and denim, all purportedly products of an examination of the Arctic, specifically "the nomadic tribes of the region as the antithesis of the Orwellian dystopia" -- fortunately, just like your flickering college thesis, the gear still keeps you warm in winter. It's gonna get cold, deal with it here