Best of the Best

This month's Thrillist Network Greatest Hits will guarantee that your NCAA bracket doesn't go bust, assuming it's not already busted, and you didn't pick stupid teams that have no business in the Final Four? It's true! Read on, and feel the power.

Emailed to Miami:Walk of Shame Kit Developed by a former owner of SoBe's Automatic Slim's (origin of countless shameful walks), this Foster's oil can-sized kit is compact enough to stash bedside, and contains everything last night's lucky lady needs for a semi-dignified walk home, so thoughtful, it'll compensate for the fact that you were a selfish and brief lover. Be a considerate one-night stand

Emailed to Philadelphia: Rotorcaps Crafted from actual bottle caps and sterling silver (or less-expensive German silver/stainless steel), these cufflinks rep beers like Rogue, Dogfish Head, Magic Hat, and Fat Tire -- when drinking a martini, a classy way to say "My Other Drink is a Tallboy". Get your wrists hammered

Emailed to New York: Are You Being Rent Gouged? A new, financially dispiriting tool from an established renter's site, Stats reveals the widely-varying cost of apartments in all five boroughs using a GMap "spotlight" -- like a Room Raiders black light on the sordid sheets of the apartment-verse. Site's also flush with Chi apartment knowledge

Emailed to Atlanta: Rowdy Collection From ATL's Dallas Austin (produced Madonna, Fishbone; boy-sat Boys II Men), Rowdy's new stuff covers a fuller range of wardrobe needs, maintaining the brand's militant-punk spirit but dialing back its former motley-colored stridence. Score music-powered freshness

Emailed to Nation: GoldenHook A Parisian outfit that uses indentured nanaservants to knit from scratch toasty noggin-mitts designed by you, Hook caters to individuals who're "quirky, stylish, alcoholic, enraged, and perhaps cross-eyed with a huge nose" -- so Humpty's gettin' a hat! Keep your dome toasty for the next two months