Best Parking

Published On 07/02/2009 Published On 07/02/2009

Navigating through the nefarious world of Chicago's parking lots and garages resembles a bad relationship: All you're getting is a lighter wallet and a nagging feeling you should have slotted your Mustang somewhere else. Find your ideal parking match with BestParking. Freshly launched in Chicago by a college student who began developing the original site at an age when you were only developing acne and callouses, BP comprehensively collects both monthly and daily rates for hundreds of parking facilities in and around downtown and -- through the magic of technical mumbo jumbo you'd know nothing about -- gives you the most primo places to park your whip. To watch their GMap become dotted with the varied rates of nearby parking possibilities, start by selecting daily or monthly, fill out your arrival/departure times and choose your beat by neighborhood, intersection, cross streets or attractions, though if you're searching for "petite Asians", you can really park anywhere. Scroll over the icons for additional salient info like hours of operation, credit/cash only, capacity and contact info, so you can torment them with your devastating "Heywood Jablomie" routine and then make an appointment at Maaco. To further rock your parking world, stay tuned as they acquire mo' "Parking Partners" who'll be offering rate guarantees, exclusive discounts and reservations, which you've been holding onto ever since you agreed to move your "car" into her spot, when clearly you should have just hit the bricks.