Bi Bim Bowl

Claims of authenticity should be approached with skepticism -- autographs can be forged, antiques can be replicated, and in spite of what the movie Life would have you believe, prison can be funny. Bringing you vetted real deal Korean, Bi Bim Bowl

From a family that's built up authentic-grub cred at several Korean joints on the outskirts of Chi, BBB's an unassuming, from-scratch-everything-from-noodles-to-hot-sauce 15-seat take-outery that's plating real-deal K-land grub amidst cantaloupe-colored walls adorned with colorful photographs of signature dishes -- eye one while eating your meal, and find a new way to cheat. Each protein gets a bath in a specialized marinade, including three types of Korean BBQ (bulgogi) -- sweet beef, chicken, and spicy pork -- and short ribs (kalbi), each avail with glass noodles/rice, or as the signature Bi Bim Bowl, which comes with an assortment of veggies, rice, a sunny side up egg, and hot sauce, which unlike the egg is no yoke. Other tastiness includes crisped-up sweet-n-spicy Korean chicken wings, and housemade sides like pajeon (savory pancakes), and kimchi (either with traditional cabbage or radish) that they sell in bulk for taking home, though eat it in-house and you can still take home some bulk

For DIYers, they plan to roll out the option of grilling your BBQ yourself, and booze is BYO -- do a good job keeping everybody lubed, and you may find yourself eager to be behind bars.