Black Dog Gelato

Eliminating the middle man is a strong move, from driving to the farmstand for fresh produce, to murdering Chet, because a Corrola can't fit 5 dudes. Taking the middle man out of their summer sweets: Black Dog Gelato

From a dessertress whose small-batch, handmade frozen treats have long graced local restos and specialty retailers, BDG's finally landed a space all its own: a brightly lit corner shop with pink-white-floral striped walls, menus scrawled on antique mirrors touting the rotating 20-strong selection of flavors, and a handful of sidewalk tables under the view of a few window seats, for those who get off on watching people creaming. While being sure to rep standby gelato tastes, more inventive territory tread by the combos like goat cheese/cashew/caramel, sesame/fig/chocolate chip, and avocado-cinnamon, plus sorbets join the action with options from cucumber-rosewater to red plum-muscato, which they're betting you'll muscat love even more than chewin' on cheese. They're also going outside the cone w/ ready-made action including whiskey gelato dipped in chocolate & rolled in candied bacon; lemon (gelato) meringue pie w/ gingersnap crust; blueberry gelato sandwiched between two oatmeal cookies; and floats featuring house made sodas from ginger peach to fizzy Tang, which'll go straight to your asstronaut

Cause everyone wants to take it to the streets, they're planning to also have a cart operation that'll spread tasty treats all over the hood, thereby eliminating the most murderous middleman of all: walking.