Black Market Caviar

They say you can't go home again, but screw what your mom says, you just need a place to crash until America's Best Dance Crew realizes what they're missing. Coming home and giving you badass streetwear, Black Market Caviar.Opening today from a pair of Humboldt Park-raised brothers who went and earned big-time art degrees, BMC is their triumphant return in the form of a boutique/screen printing shop taking root not all that far from their old stomping grounds, after realizing it's hard to pay the rent just sitting around stomping on stuff. Lines they're carrying include flashy tees from Ends/Wealth and Plastic Party, brightly colored Normal Watches, and their own house line of graphic tees, with the white ones coming packaged looking like a certain white substance often sold in kilos (tee-los, if you will), yep, you guessed it, European horseradish! They're also doing another house line called ReUp that consists of "recycling/upcycling" gear from vintage kicks to leather jackets tricked out with new buttons, added embroidery, and embellishments, resulting in something new and fresh, like when you take the dog outside, only not disgusting and alarmingly hot through the bag. In case you can't find what you're looking for, they'll use their screenprinting shop in back to hook you up with anything from a one-of-a-kind custom tee to uniforms for your team, cause when those stupid TV folks see the ill new threads Team DanceInMyPants is rocking, c u l8r guestroom!