Find good help fast

Everyone knows that good help is hard to find, but people from Florida also know that crazy people aren't, mostly because homeless people love being warm. Thanks to a Floridian, now you can find good help and avoid the crazies, with ImaNeed.

From an orange stater who just loves to see peeps helping peeps, ImaNeed's a free Yellow Book-style service connecting people with virtually any manner of assistance within their community while maintaining the privacy of those involved in order to keep everyone away from undesirable elements, because manganese can ruin anyone's day. The process starts when you submit a request either online or via text message -- within minutes you'll be notified as to people in your area whose skills fit your needs, hooking you up with, say, a handyman if a pipe bursts, or a urologist if it's not that kind of pipe. From there a third party'll contact you both and facilitate a five-minute phone call via a private, customized number, during which the two of you can decide whether or not to move forward...or, if you're moving your stuff into your parents place, backward.

The site can also be useful as a job-hunting engine, as you can register keywords for any skills you might have (web developer, lifting heavy things, etc.), and receive notification if anyone's looking in your area, although if they're looking for aluminum cans, they probably can't pay you because they're homeless.