Chii Clothing

Rocking hard means different things to different folks -- for some it's spending a little too much time being a creature of the night, while, for others, it's taking that creature onstage and biting the bejesus out of his head. Sartorially satisfying your varying degrees of rockingness, Chii Clothing

Produced by three Wicker Park-based bros, Chii makes hard livin', late-night-partyin' rocker gear thrown onto distressed cotton tees and hoodies emblazoned with varying degrees of intensity that ranges from "I'm kinda hung over from last night's show" to "I just attempted to shin kick an entire syndicate of Hells Angels". On the gentler side, they've got subtle white V-neck tees with a small skull/wing insignia on the front chest, a crimson tee w/ Chii in Old English font on the front and the skull/crossbones crest on the back, and another plastered w/ a feathery winged skull and the creed "Live fast die Chii", promoting a message for adherents of Jimmy, less James, more Dean. Slightly harder pieces include an Al Capone number featuring a black-and-white image (and another with the negative) of Chicago's original gangster, a black-and-red accented pic of a sultry vixen gazing into the distance with a burst of rays behind her, and a bad-ass cardigan dotted with shoulder and pocket images (Chicago flag plus variations on the skull/wings/crown steez) that recalls the angrier youth of a once-rebellious Fred Rogers

If you really hated your parents as a teen, they've also got the ambitiously decadent "Don Leon", a series of tees and hoodies featuring a massive, grinning colorful skull decked out with roses and yet another, long-red-haired smaller skull suggesting that, along with rock, there are varying degrees of head.