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Wine and chocolate, together

364 days a year, you ferret out the best in Man Stuff -- the juiciest steak, the cheapest brew, the closest clinic -- but on one day, you must put someone else's desires first. This Mother's Day, fulfill her wants at Chocolate Grape

Decked out with burgundy walls and a huge, dark-wood bar, CG's a family-run wine and chocolate spot that specializes in mom-friendly delicacies while still offering enough man-fare to keep your bonbons from retracting into your loins. The lady du jour will delight in 50 wines, all pairable with daintiness ranging from 20 different truffles, to jumbo cupcakes, to specialty desserts like "Chocolate Grape Obscenity" (who's filling the swear jar now, woman?). Meanwhile, you're free to gorge on heartiness like a prime-beef tenderloin sandwich w/ chipotle remoulade, meat/cheese platters loaded with Humbolt Fog, rosemary-roasted garlic mozzarella, prosciutto, cappicola, etc, and a cayenne-pepper truffle paired with a strong dark ale from from Quebec's Unibroue called "Trois Pistoles" (named for the number of handguns in Canada)

For Mother's Day, CG's also unveiling its "Crepe Mornings", with rolled action both sweet (chocolate stuffed w/ Nutella & raspberry marscapone) and savory (dill filled w/ smoked salmon & cheese), served with mimosas that "taste just like the gayety of Chicago's summertime" -- but if your mom asks, just tell her you haven't found anyone you really like.