A new spot for sustainable sustenance

Going totally green requires a combination of three things: an unflinching attention to detail, trusted partners, and having so much heart you can mind-control Verminous Skumm. Relying on the former two to blow your mind with delicious: City Provisions Deli. From the green gurus who've long run the same-named catering company, CPD's a deli & specialty grocer that oozes eco hard with wood reclaimed from a pre-Chicago Fire home and an original floor covered in recycled, carbon-neutral porcelain tile, plus a map pinpointing their meticulously vetted purveyors proximity to Chi (250 miles or less, or 2.5 NWAs). The deli's loaded with house-smoked slabs of ham & turkey, pastrami, corned beef, and bacon, all of which populate specialty sammies like a grilled Prairie Pure butterkase cheese w/ heirloom tomato & bacon, and a six-year cheddar-/horseradish-topped roast beef that's rosemary-accented, so clearly it sounds like a baby. They're also baking up pastries including scones w/ seasonal blueberries or the aforementioned house bacon, pouring Crop to Cup joe, and stocking a huge array of local specialty brands, from Filbert's Soda, to Ruth & Phil's ice cream, to Nordic Creamery butter, to Rare Bird preserves, so singularly exceptional you'll want to French Lick them up. As coffee only goes so far, a robust booze selection's heavy on local spirits like North Shore's Aquavit and New Holland rums, and's loaded with craft beer and biodynamic wine, an aggressive combination of which could ensure the power is floors.